Case Studies

Speedy DevOps Pipeline and Process Gets Retailer Best Seats

Solinea drove design and rollout of DevOps pipeline and processes to enable leading ticket retailer to drive down infrastructure costs.

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See how Solinea helped this leading retailer implement a high-performance CI/CD automation toolchain to accelerate onboarding for teams to consume pipeline in as little as 2 days, down from 2 weeks before the process and technology changes.

Read this case study to learn how Solinea helped:

  • Provide key capabilities for the customer team to quickly migrate their CI/CD processes to AWS.
  • Standardize tools and pipeline allowing the same kind of code to be built the same way across all teams.
  • Lower barriers to CI/CD and cloud entry for teams of varying tech maturity.
  • Implement traceability for audit information storage were set up alongside build artifact.