Case Studies

Leading American Telco Gets Unlimited Data with Open Source and Containers

Solinea drove key move to open-source based, container-based infrastructure IT modernization project

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See how Solinea is helping this leading telco through digital transformation by accelerating adoption of a multi-cloud that enables portability across clouds with open API, empowering teams to deploy their choice of infrastructure while being unencumbered by patents and other IP restrictions, integrating into Open Source communities projects to further relieve vendor lock in and help drive future feature development.

Read this case study to learn how Solinea helped:

  • Accelerate adoption of modern tools benefits by supporting an agile software development lifecycle
  • Reduced time to market by accessing reusable software subsystems
  • Boosted better software development team productivity due to Faster access to new tools, technology and common services
  • Reduced process/approvals through prescriptive software standards, policies and pre-approved use cases