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The promised benefits of the cloud are straightforward – move faster, scale effectively, spend more efficiently. Once the decision has been made, the roadmap developed, the PoCs and Pilot efforts executed and the production cloud deployments optimized, you need to deploy services on that cloud – the new, cloud native services, and the legacy applications. The challenges to address prior to application migration, however, are numerous – is it economically viable, how extensive are the refactoring and re-architecture requirements to cloud native, can I “lift and shift”, and most important – can I manage and operate these new environments?

How we can help

Delivering the true value of cloud native may require changes to both the applications as well as the supporting operational processes. Solinea will assess a client’s application portfolio and prioritize which applications are more or less suitable for migration to the cloud platform(s). Solinea has years of hands-on experience developing and implementing migration strategies for legacy applications, which include strategies for re-write, modify and operate based on the client’s chosen cloud platform(s). Our services assist customers in the wide range of solutions that are required on the journey to cloud-native including:

Our offerings include:

  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Migration Strategy and Roadmap
  • Application Migration – PoC, Pilot, Production “Factory”
  • Monitoring / Logging Strategy & Implementation
  • IT Analytics Strategy & Implementation
  • Operational Readiness through multiple training offerings

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