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Solinea is dedicated to helping enterprises develop cloud adoption strategies and architect, implement and operationalize innovative cloud solutions.

Our core differentiator is that we focus on one domain: cloud adoption, with an underlying philosophy of continuous innovation. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to vertical industry and horizontal solution specialization, e.g. deployments using platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes. And, our approach allows us to attract and retain the industry’s top talent.With offices in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, our employees work in both distributed and centralized capacities, depending on the engagement. This allows us to service our clients effectively and foster deep and long lasting relationships.Long lasting relationships built on quality and trust means that we must remain technology agnostic. This coupled with our belief in supporting the open source communities are the only way that the adoption of foundational technology platforms can achieve the highest of standards.The belief that business strategy drives technology is also a core differentiator. It’s ingrained in everything we do. Our most successful engagements are those led by the business—the only way for our clients to achieve their desired agility, efficiency, and competitive objectives is through an optimized business strategy and a tailor-made cloud solution, and our track record here is proven. We have had success after success delivering innovative, secure, scalable solutions for our clients—all of whom are referenceable.

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